New York Forces More People Out of Work

More licensure regulations mean those that can’t afford the expense to become dog watchers will soon be out of work.

The law has existed in New York for a long time, but renewed enforcement means people who need extra income or are out of work. New York City bullycrats are claiming that it is illegal to take care of someone’s dog for them unless you have been licensed by the city. This is the way that the city keeps poor people down by forbidding job opportunities. They also make the city more expensive to live in.

The New York Daily News reports, “The NYC law that makes dog-sitting illegal without kennel license triggers rage from pet lovers.

Health Department rules ban anyone from taking money to care for an animal outside a licensed kennel — and the department has warned a popular pet-sitting app that its users are breaking the law.

“The laws are antiquated,” said Chad Bacon, 29, a dog sitter in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, with the app Rover. “If you’re qualified and able to provide a service, I don’t think you should be penalized.”

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Bacon, a former zookeeper and wildlife researcher, signed up for the app to help make ends meet while he was between jobs, but did enough business that he now makes his living from it full-time.

“I was looking at it as a way to pay bills in the meantime,” he said. “It’s become a full-time job.”

The health code bans boarding, feeding and grooming animals for a fee without a kennel license — and says those licenses can’t be issued for private homes.

Rover hopes to get the law overturned, potentially setting up another tech battle like the city’s clashes with Uber and Airbnb.

The city would be more peaceful and prosperous if government bureaucrats were forced out of work.

Read the full New York Daily News story.

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