New York College Dumps Homecoming ‘King’ and ‘Queen’ Because it Isn’t ‘Inclusive’ Enough

A New York college has put an end to its practice of naming a “king” and a “queen” for homecoming because the former titles weren’t “inclusive” enough.

Stony Brook University in New York has put an end to its practice of naming a “king” and a “queen” for homecoming and will now call them “royals” because the former titles weren’t “inclusive” enough.

The university has used its traditional king and queen titles for homecoming since 1984.

Naturally, it is just another left-wing attempt to bow to radical gay and transgender activists.

Rick Gatteau, Interim Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, praised the decision to end the use of the titles saying the school “choose the formal wear and regalia they most identify with and choose the gender they most closely identify with.”

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“So even more people get to have the honor of being royalty and showing that we support the cause of being inclusive,” one student told WABC-TV.

As Fox News reported:

But this year, SBU went a step further. The three students chosen from a group of ten finalists will be crowned “royals” Saturday at the school’s football game.

The university said the new court moves the focus “beyond gender,” and nominees are judged on their performance in a talent show, level of school spirit and degree of campus involvement and activism.

One nominee, Allilsa Fernandez, who identifies as nonbinary, told NEWS12 the new policy is “a dream come true.”

“It doesn’t take away anything or any opportunities from the existing population,” fellow nominee RJ Samodal said. “It just presses on new opportunities and allows the student body to express themselves however they see fit.”

Fox also noted that several other colleges have taken similar actions including Penn State University, Purdue University, Northwestern University, and the University of Iowa.

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