New York City’s “Real” Values – A Fascist Nanny State


Our good friend Jonathon Dunne recently paid a visit to the US of A and took some time to see the sites in New York City before travelling on to the Lone Star State to visit Glenn Beck. While in Texas, he explained to Beck why it is that he feels so passionately about defending America to the rest of the world.

Now that his vacation here is done, he’s returned to Ireland to continue fighting for liberty and American values by preaching the truth through his Freedom’s Disciple podcast for the Blaze Network.

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In Dunne’s most recent podcast he explained what Ted Cruz really meant when he derided Donald Trump for having “New York City” values.

Last week America discussed the phony issue of New York Values, but yet this week a real NYC issue came up and most were silent. That issue was during the storm where police stated if you went out after 230 you would be arrested. Does the government have that right? What about America being the land of the free? Also Jonathon shares his thoughts on his recent trip stateside and shares a story about how women doing laundry helped America during the Revolutionary War.

I am so thankful for Dunne’s willingness to stand with us and fight for liberty, even in the hostile territory of socialist Europe.

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