New York City Turning into a Trash Hole Thanks to Progressive Politics

Bill de Blasio’s New York City is at the mercy of the homeless because the police have been handcuffed by liberalism.

Last week we told you that the mayor admitted that San Franciso had a problem with used drug needles and piles of human excrement with other litter on the downtown streets. It turns out that New York City is not that different. I’m not sure if it is as bad as San Francisco or worse, but it is being degraded by orders from the mayor.

The National Review reports, “De Blasio’s Dystopia.

The NYPD brass and City Hall pay lip service to “broken windows” policing, but it’s clearly just a public-relations game that doesn’t reflect street-level reality. Behaviors that previous administrations would have battled instead have been decriminalized, such as public urination and public drinking. Crime data stay artificially low because police avoid making certain arrests […]. Meanwhile, the city whose mayor fashions himself an environmental warrior increasingly devolves into an open-air sewer, with whiffs of bodily excretions befouling the air.

De Blasio’s New York has developed a free-rider problem — literally: District attorneys in Manhattan and Brooklyn last summer stopped prosecuting fare-beaters on public transit. […]

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Even rodent proliferation can be laid at de Blasio’s feet. Rat sightings increased 79 percent during his first term, thanks to the mounds of garbage that adorn most blocks. The problem is exacerbated by homeless people who rip open trash bags to snatch plastic and glass bottles to sell to recyclers, leaving behind a citywide rat buffet.

De Blasio also recently fulfilled a campaign pledge by instructing police to stop making “unnecessary” arrests for public marijuana use, another act of arrogance that, like de Blasio’s fugitive-city policies, defies federal law. […]

This past Sunday vividly confirmed the flagrant use of harder drugs by shameless vagrants, two of whom squatted outside a bar, still under construction, a block and a half below Manhattan’s Union Square. In broad daylight, a woman half-huddled beneath a purple blanket, poorly concealing the fact that she was injecting drugs into her arm. Her companion made no effort to shield himself: A syringe jutted unapologetically from his forearm. Pedestrians stopped and stared at this stomach-turning scene, which unfolded at 4:30 on a warm, sunny July afternoon, amid plenty of foot traffic.

A call to 911 drew three police cars and six cops to this spot in about two minutes. New York’s Finest confronted the zonked-out pair and urged them to beat it, which they did. “We just asked them to leave, and they’re leaving,” one policeman said. “But if they want to stay, there’s nothing we can do about it.”

Amazingly, while more people are riding for free, and the subway is in need of repairs, de Blasio talks as if millionaires owe the poorer New Yorkers a subsidized ride.

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