New TNT Show Attempts to Normalize Pedophilia and Gender Dysphoria

I wouldn’t recommend watching the show for any type of entertainment value, because it has none. All it does is ve deep into the darkness of transgenders and pedophiles, suggesting there is nothing wrong with either.

TNT’s “The Alienist” is attempting to normalize transgenders and pedophiles in our society today.
I recently decided to watch the disturbing show on TNT called “The Alienist,” which tells the story of a mass murderer that targets underage male prostitutes that embrace transgenderism.
I wouldn’t recommend watching the show for any type of entertainment value, because it has none. All it does is delve deep into the darkness of transgenders and pedophiles, suggesting there is nothing wrong with either.
The premise of the story is that an evil person has targeted young boys that are dressed as women for the purpose of selling their bodies to other men. Throughout the entirety of the narrative there is never a suggestion that any of the boys were unhappy with their situation, and they were presented as being quite happy to be involved in the sex trade.
Even when one of the main characters investigating went to a bar where the transactions were initiated between the underage boy sex workers and their “clients,” after being drugged by one of the adult men running the operation and he wasn’t able to move, he was raped by some of the boys while drugged.
Not only did it not have any negative impact on him (one of the most unrealistic parts of the story), but the boys were presented as aggressors in the situation.
That’s important to note because it implies they are just as willing to participate in that type of activity without being pressured to do so. In other words, not only are they not portrayed as victims of the sex trade, but are presented as more than willing to be sexual abusers themselves.
The subtle but obvious narrative is that underage transgender male prostitutes aren’t victims, but are instead eager participants in the activities.
Another obvious thing the series was attempting to influence people with was in regard to the serial murderer. The idea is that it’s murderous and hateful to not accept transgenders or pedophilia; or, it’s a sick person that would embrace those ideas.
Also of interest is the characters trying to find the killer have very little interest in the young boys from the point of view of their lifestyle choices; their interest is only in finding the killer.
Why that’s important to know is because the man leading the investigation was a psychiatrist that had a strong curiosity of how the mind works and what drives people to do what they do.
The idea that transgender underage boys allowing themselves to be sold to adult males for sex isn’t even explored by the psychiatrist. To say the least, that is bizarre. What person in the latter part of the 19th century wouldn’t be concerned about that type of activity by a young boy.
Worse, there isn’t any attempt to rescue the boys from the pedophiles because of what they’re doing with the boys. The only attempt to rescue a boy was related to the killer, which one of the men tried to get him to leave what he was doing so he didn’t become a victim.
The boy wasn’t even considered a victim of the pedophile adult males, he was considered a potential victim only of the serial killer.
The sickness and sin of dressing as a woman isn’t even examined in the storyline, as the male brothel was treated as the norm for that time period in history. Even the fact those searching for the serial killer didn’t even consider the environment the boys were living in as needing to be changed, was bizarre, to say the least.
One thing I have to give the storytellers, they hid what they were trying to do very well. They can have a degree of plausible deniability and call people “conspiracy theorists” for reading things into the story.
But when you have a bunch of little boys, in some cases, being bought for sex by pedophiles, and that isn’t even examined as an issue that needs to be addressed, the omission is one that can’t be considered as anything other than an attempt to give the impression that the lifestyle of the boys and the pedophiles buying there wasn’t the issue, only the murders themselves.
And as I mentioned, not even pointing to these young boys needing to be rescued from this lifestyle reinforces my conclusion that it was totally deliberate on the part of the writers. The obvious idea was the pedophilia and trangenderism weren’t in need of being confronted and dealt with; we’re just supposed to accept them as the norm.
The point is the lifestyle being lived was just as much a threat as was the serial killer. Not even dealing with that was ludicrous to the point of imbecility.
Not only that, the investigators interacted with the boys that were being sexually abused and exploited as if there was nothing to talk about in that regard.
The bottom line was the brutal savagery of the way the serial killer was murdering the young boys was an attempt to override the obvious horrible abuse the boys were going through on a daily basis.
Portraying the boys as happy when they weren’t “working” speaks volumes as to what the motivation of the writers were when presenting this story to the public.
The attempt to portray these young boys dressing as women, and being sold as prostitutes to pedophiles as not relevant to the underlying premise of the story, underscores the fact it had to be planned that way. To suggest it is reading something into it that wasn’t there isn’t believable when taking into account the evidence I presented here.
If you want to see how Hollywood attempts to manipulate the general public into accepting the perversions they promote, take a look at The Alienist. Just keep in mind it’s very dark and has little redeeming quality.
What it will do is help you to identify the types of tactics used by the industry that aren’t obvious to the casual observer.

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