New Short Film Mocking Liberal Social Justice Warriors goes Viral making Liberal Heads Explode!

Neel Kolhatkar is a brilliant filmmaker from Australia and has already had one viral hit with his short film #Equality. Equality attacked the modern liberal notions of political correctness and cultural fascism in a hysterically crafted but terrifyingly accurate look into the liberal future:

Now Kolhatkar is back with an even better assault on liberal social justice warriors everywhere. In his latest short, Modern Educayshun, Kolhatkar delivers a scathing commentary bashing the “increasingly reactionary culture bred by social media and political correctness.” This video is must see footage for every single American college student who is currently flirting with the idea of “evolving” into a mindless liberal, PC drone.
Watch both videos and then please share them both with all your friends. The liberal PC culture is ridiculous, and it is high time we show them just how silly they really are.

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