New Report Proves the Undercover Planned Parenthood Videos are the Real Deal!

Back in August Planned Parenthood released a report from a firm that they had hired to debunk the undercover videos that showed them admitting to acting outside the law in their efforts to profit on abortion. The report was chock-full of partisan bias and obvious attempts at distorting the truth. Nevertheless, the report got a lot of positive coverage in the mainstream media with many outlets rushing to use it as evidence that the undercover videos were inaccurately portraying Planned Parenthood’s activities. The media used the report to help cover up Planned Parenthood’s many sins.

In September the Alliance Defending Freedom commissioned their own effort to look into the undercover investigations, but instead of using a partisan firm (like Planned Parenthood did), they used a reputable digital security and forensics firm called Coalfire. Unlike the Planned Parenthood “research,” Coalfire had access to every second of audio and video footage and their analysis (just like the liberal analysis) found no dubbing or alteration to the audio and no evidence of misrepresentative editing.

planned parenthood scandalFurther, the only thing Coalfire found missing from the released videos was video of:

  • the investigators Commuting to the facilities
  • the investigators adjusting their cameras
  • the investigators going to the bathroom
  • the investigators eating their meals
  • the investigators waiting to engage their subjects

Remember all of this when the media tells you that these undercover videos are edited (implying deception on the part of the investigators). The truth is that every video ever run on any news broadcast or in an investigative piece has been edited. The Center for Medical Progress has done their very best to be as transparent and honest with their footage as possible. Coalfire’s report proves that – none of the video that has been edited out of the final product had any bearing on the subject being investigated, and Planned Parenthood KNOWS it. They and their allies in the media are simply trying to hide, cover-up, distract and confuse Americans in the hopes that this will all soon blow over and Planned Parenthood will be allowed to continue on with their disgusting and immoral business.

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We can’t allow it. Please, don’t forget the evil crimes that Planned Parenthood is committing. Please, don’t let them to pour more innocent blood onto the hands of the American people. Call, write, email or visit your representatives today – Demand that they stand and fight against Planned Parenthood and their monstrous activities.

H/T Mollie Hemingway at the Federalist

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