New Rand Paul Ad – “Hold the Line and Don’t Back Down”


Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has released a new ad asking Americans to stand with him as he fights back against the Obama administration’s executive overreach. Senator Paul has come under withering fire from both Democrats who support the Obama Administration and Republicans who support the PATRIOT Act for his continued defiance on the warrantless spying issue. Now, with his victory over the PATRIOT Act fresh in the minds of voters, he’s asking them to donate to his campaign and join him in fighting to preserve the 4th Amendment.

Here’s his latest campaign ad that he just released on social media.


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I stood against President Obama and forced his illegal domestic spying program to expire and now the establishment is lining up against me.

But I came here to defend the Constitution.

And outside the beltway, Americans are demanding their government abide by the Bill of Rights.

Over 200,000 patriots stood with me against President Obama over the NSA’s illegal spying program and our movement was able to earn a victory no one saw coming.

My campaign has prepared a new TV ad on my NSA showdown against President Obama.

Please take a few moments to watch the ad and help me get it in front of as many voters as possible in the key states by chipping in a contribution of $20.16:



The advertisement, as well as his stance as the “leader” of the opposition to the PATRIOT Act, are dangerous political maneuvers. Most Americans don’t really seem to care about this issue, and most of the polling seems to show the nation is pretty evenly split on the NSA’s trampling of the Bill of Rights. In fact, most of the polling seems to indicate that most Americans support the NSA’s maneuvers if they really do mean that we are safer because of them.

Paul’s stance may be principled, but it leaves him open to criticism and political attacks.

While it could be a risky move, the flipside of the equation is that some Americans may see Paul’s actions as courageous. For years many Americans have been looking for a politician that will put the nation above their own political interests, and Paul’s full-throttle attack on the PATRIOT Act may reinforce the idea that he would do whatever it takes to defend the Constitution… even if it means losing an election.

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