New Poll Shows Hillary Clinton is “Wrong for America”

The Republican National Committee has released its latest political ad, and boy is it a doozy. The 30 second short commercial delivers some fierce blows to the Hillary Clinton campaign, reminding everyone of Clinton’s many corruptions scandals, her aloofness, her disconnectedness and of her many character failings. If I didn’t agree with the message that the ad was delivering I would almost call it harsh – but it’s all too true.

The RNC also released some intriguing numbers that they found in a poll they commissioned of independent voters in battleground states.


  • Hillary Clinton is clearly vulnerable and already has a net unfavorable rating with these independents.
  • Clinton’s favorable to unfavorable ratio is 44:49 and she trails the generic Republican candidate 40%-36% in these key battleground states.
  • Hillary Clinton’s supposed superior strength with women is a myth with these battleground state Independent women.
  • Clinton’s favorable to unfavorable ratio with these Independent women is barely a net favorable (49:43) and she only leads the generic Republican by 3-points among them. Conversely, she trails among battleground state Independent men by 11-points (45%-34%) and her favorable to unfavorable ratio is an abysmal 39:56.
  • The Party, its candidates and its surrogates need to be very careful in their tone and demeanor towards Hillary Clinton to ensure she isn’t able to turn the gender gap back in her favor.
  • The most significant driving factor to Hillary Clinton’s perceptual issues is a question of trust.


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There is more worrisome information for the Clinton campaign in the poll; you can read all about it here. The coup de grâce was this brilliant and pithy ad that the RNC developed and may want to make sure they bring back later in the campaign.


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