New OLD Trump Documentary Finally Gets Released and it’s NOT Flattering

“Some years ago, we made a documentary about Donald Trump. It wasn’t flattering. Trump screamed and shouted and threatened lawsuits and it was never broadcast. But now we think it is time for you to see it, because the old Trump and the new Trump and the same Trump.”




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Many years ago (1991) a documentary was put together analyzing the life and career of Donald Trump.

The movie ended up portraying Trump in a very negative light and exposing some of the seediest and darkest parts of his legacy and riches.

Due to legal wrangling and many threats from Trump’s lawyers, the movie was never released and instead it was left on a shelf to gather dust… until now.

The documentary titled “Trump: What’s the Deal?” is now available for free at the film’s website, Trump the Simply surf over there, click play and watch the entire movie for free.

Below you’ll get just a taste from the teaser trailer but I think it’s enough to help you understand what the full movie is like.


Watch the movie free – Trump: What’s the Deal?

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