New Left-Wing Rule: ‘People of All Genders Can Become Pregnant’

The anti-science left is at it again, this time proclaiming the new “truth” that “people of all genders can become pregnant.”

The anti-science left is at it again, this time proclaiming the new “truth” that “people of all genders can become pregnant.”

First the left insisted that a human fetus is not “really” a human but is just a “clump of unviable cells.” Then they decided that men can be women if only they “identify” as such, then the left claimed there are as many as 57 genders. Now the left is claiming that all humans can “become pregnant” regardless of gender.

This new fantastical proclamation comes from a left-wing outfit called the “Equality Institute.”

This left-wing group took to their Twitter account on October 8 to push their new reality:

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“People of all genders can fall pregnant, because people of all genders can have the reproductive organs to do so. Consider all people – including trans & non-binary folk – & ensure that your language is inclusive of everyone. #languagematters #WordsMatter,” the group said.

Along with the text, the group added a graphic that implored people not to use the word “pregnant woman,” and instead use the phrase “pregnant people.”

And they wrote “words matter”? Really?

The tweet was put out by an Australia-based group that purports to advocate for women.

“Founded in 2015 by Dr. Emma Fulu,” the group’s webpage explains, “the EQI was born from the belief that our world would benefit from more organisations and programmes, working with a distinctly intersectional and feminist approach.”

As soon as you see nonsense words like “intersectional” you know that this stuff is coming from a member of a left-wing university.

Naturally, the group immediately faced ridicule on Twitter. As Twitchy noted:

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