New Jersey Cop Says Obama Doesn’t Follow the Constitution so Neither do We!

I understand that the Headline to this piece may seem a bit inflammatory… but I promise you, it is accurate.

Filmmaker Steve Wronko carried his camera into the public building as part of an investigation. At some point, Police Officer Richard Recine found him and asked what Wronko was doing. The filmmaker repeatedly reminded the officer that he had the Constitutional right to be filming in a public building, but  the obviously agitated cop was not in the mood for Constitutional arguments.

Recine was so adamant that he went so far as to tell Wronko that, “Obama has decimated the friggin’ Constitution, so I don’t give a damn, ’cause if he doesn’t follow the Constitution, we don’t have to.”

(While true… i’m not sure that the fact that one person has committed crimes means that it’s now okay for others to commit the same crime. The logic doesn’t seem to follow…)

Here’s the exchange


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Thankfully, the Officer’s boss is later recorded as saying that Officer Recine’s comments are an “embarrassment” and that a full investigation would be conducted on the matter.

President Obama’s crimes do not give others in authority the right to also commit crimes. Instead, the public defenders of the Constitution should be rising up against the illegitimate acts of our lawbreaking Commander-in-Chief.

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