New Jersey Arrests Officer for Carrying a Gun!


In yet another bizarre twist in the fight to defend the 2nd Amendment, something that could only come from the mind of a demented liberal has occurred in New Jersey.

Raymond Hughes is a corrections officer in the state of Pennsylvania, where he legally owns a firearm and even carries one for his government job. Earlier this February he was returning home with his wife from a concert in Atlantic City, New Jersey when they were in a car accident. When the police arrived Hughes told the officers that he had a handgun under his seat, and the police secured the gun as Hughes went off to the hospital. Now the state of New Jersey wants to charge Hughes with a weapons crime, meaning that the corrections officer now faces a minimum of 3 ½ years in a New Jersey prison!

The case underlines the insanity that is New Jersey’s fascist web of gun laws — where a man who legally owns a firearm and conducts himself in a respectable and circumspect manner can still be arrested and sent to prison! This single story should remind every American that the Garden State is to be avoided at all costs. It’s just too dangerous a place to travel – not because of the criminal elements, but because of the government.

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2nd Amendment GunHughes is worried, as he should be, because even if he is vindicated he could still lose his job do to the legal troubles.

“I’m one of the good guys. Now they’re trying to make me one of the people I protect society from. They’re trying to make me into a criminal, basically, and I’m not a criminal. They’re trying to take away everything I know how to be.”

Hughes’ lawyer is working to make sure that this all goes away quietly, but in the past, New Jersey has been reticent to deal justly with gun owners.

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The question is will Chris Christie (R-NJ) intercede and make sure that justice is served in this case, releasing Hughes without damaging his reputation? Until very recently, Christie has defended New Jersey’s ridiculous, fascist, Draconian gun laws (until he started running for President), so will he continue to defend gun rights now that he is no longer a Presidential candidate? Or will he allow the state to railroad an innocent, law abiding citizens who happened to run afoul of New Jersey’s unjust laws?

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