New Hillary Excuse: Russians Helped Bernie

A paid Clinton operative is claiming that the Russians helped Bernie Sanders and thus damaged Hillary so she could not beat Trump.

Another lame excuse from the Clinton tribe: The evil Russians helped Bernie Sanders and thus weakened Hillary.

The Gateway Pundit has a stellar post on this new idiocy, giving a great deal of context. The tweet not only suggests that Bernie received help from Russia, but that he actively colluded with them—that he now is “hiding.” Not only was Parkhomenko involved in the failed campaign, but he is still on Hillary’s payroll as part of her “Resistance.”

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Joshua Caplan writes for GP, “‘The Guy is Hiding Something’: Top Hillary Advisor Suggests Bernie Colluded With Russia During the Primary.

The length to which Hillary Clinton and her team will go to shift blame onto others for President Trump’s victory last November is stunning. Adam Parkhomenko, a long time aide to Hillary Clinton, took to Twitter Friday evening to rant about how great his boss’s presidential campaign was in 2016, while taking shots at her primary opponent Bernie Sanders.

Newt Gingrich is right! Clinton constantly makes us thankful that Donald Trump won (skip to about a minute and half):

Read the full Gateway Pundit post.

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