New Hillary Clinton Ad is Sexist, Childish and Terrible


“I love little kids, I hate little kids being used by cynical politicians, though.”

– MSNBC Political Analyst Steve Schmidt

Hillary Clinton’s latest attempt at “campaigning” comes to us in the form of a newly released ad showing little girls supporting Clinton because “44 Boys is too many!”

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Clinton’s campaign describes the advertisement as “heartwarming,” but in reality it is simply sexist and anti-male. Clinton obviously believes that a woman could do the job of President better than a man – she also seems to believe that women should support her simply for having… (hmmm, this could be dangerous, so I’ll just say) “lady parts.”

Behold the terrible that is Hillary Clinton.

Over at MSNBC everyone seems to agree that this ad is bad. In fact, political analyst (and GOP activist) Steve Schmidt calls it “too terrible to describe.” Before then adding, “I love little kids, I hate little kids being used by cynical politicians, though.”

The rest of the crew at Morning Joe (even the liberal pundits) seemed to wholeheartedly agree with Schmidt’s analysis, even going so far as to say that ads like this one are the main reason that Donald Trump is currently leading the presidential field.

If I was erstwhile MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann, I might even say that this ad is proof positive that Hillary Clinton is “the Worst Person in the World!”

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