New Hampshire, Louisiana and Alabama All Cut Funding to Planned Parenthood!

It’s happening, folks. The fight that we’ve been involved in for 40+ years now may be coming to a head. Some of us have never lived in an America where abortion wasn’t legal, some of us have never known a day when thousands of innocent babies weren’t being slaughtered by killers who were given government shelter… that day may be here sooner than we ever imagined. As more of the Planned Parenthood videos continue to drop and more of their heinous criminal activities continue to become general knowledge, more and more states will move to end their funding, thereby killing the largest abortion provider in America.

It’s happening, folks, and we need to keep the momentum going.

Last week the state of New Hampshire announced that they would be ending their funding of Planned Parenthood – depriving the abortion giant of $650,000 a year.

“You can’t divorce what’s going on nationally from Planned Parenthood of Northern New England,” said Councilor David Wheeler, a Republican, “and we need a real investigation.”

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Christopher Sununu, the son of former governor John Sununu, also cited the investigation as pivotal to his tie-breaking vote. While he has previously voted for Planned Parenthood funding, he said that “investigations into potential criminal activity on both a federal and multi-state level have convinced me to withdraw that support.”

“This is not about pro-choice or pro-life. I am pro-choice,” the younger Sununu said.

Jenifer Horn, the chair of the state Republican Party, agreed with Sununu that “this isn’t a matter of being pro-choice or pro-life. It’s about ensuring that public dollars are not being given to a company that may be engaged in criminal activity.”

planned_parenthood_moneyIn Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA) announced that he would no longer allow the states Medicaid to cover visits or procedures at Planned Parenthood.

On Monday, the Jindal administration announced that it had cut off Medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast. The state Department of Health and Hospitals will no longer send money to the local chapter of the nation’s largest abortionist.

“It has been shocking to see reports of the alleged activities taking place at Planned Parenthood facilities across the country. Planned Parenthood does not represent the values of the people of Louisiana and shows a fundamental disrespect for human life.  It has become clear that this is not an organization that is worthy of receiving public assistance from the state,” Jindal said in a release...

“This same organization is seeking to open an abortion clinic in New Orleans.  I have instructed Louisiana’s Department of Health and Hospitals to conduct an immediate investigation into this alleged evil and illegal activity and to not issue any licenses until this investigation is complete.  I am also asking the FBI to assist DHH in investigating this alleged criminal activity by this organization,” Jindal said after the first Planned Parenthood video had come to light.

Most recently in Alabama Governor Robert Bentley (R-AL) announced on Thursday afternoon that Alabama would be terminating any and all funding of Planned Parenthood by the state of Alabama.



Pro-life conservatives in these states have turned the tide and we continue to do so – through hard work, by sticking together and with prayer. We must keep up the pressure, we must continue to create our own momentum and push this rock up the mountain. Unlike the ancient legend of Sisyphus, we can complete this task – we have it within our ability to end the holocaust of abortion in America, and we cannot lose heart, we cannot become faint-hearted. Our children and their children deserve our every effort. Please join with us, take up the fight, because together we can end abortion.

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