New Georgia Bill would Allow Prayer Back in Public Schools!

“(In) 1962 the Supreme Court made this ruling and, what we’ve noticed since the Supreme Court ruling, there has been an increase in violence, murder, teen pregnancy divorce rate.” – from a supporter of HB 816, the Georgia Student Religious Liberties Act of 2016.

Lawmakers in the state of Georgia are considering a new Bill which would legally allow prayer back into Peach State schools for the first time since 1962. Georgia House Bill 816, which is also known as Georgia Student Religious Liberties Act of 2016, says that the purpose of the bill is “to provide for voluntary student expression of religious viewpoints in public schools; to provide that local school systems shall allow religious expression in class assignments; to provide that local school systems shall provide students with the freedom to organize religious groups and activities; to provide that local school systems shall provide a limited public forum for student speakers at nongraduation and graduation events; to provide a model policy for voluntary religious expression in public schools; to provide for related matters; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other purposes.”

As can be expected, liberal organizations around the country are already up in arms and preparing to challenge Georgia’s right to protect the religious liberty of its students.

While many liberal, atheist and anti-God organizations claim to be fighting to defend religious liberty, what they’ve actually done is destroy the freedom of a religious people to live as they see fit. America’s Christian tradition and our practice of exercising our faith in all areas of life does not impinge on the rights of others to be godless. In fact, our Christian heritage is what has allowed the United States to blossom as a haven for religious (and irreligious) liberty! It is unconscionable that the very people who are now free to live as they choose, use their freedom to destroy the rights of the culture who first freed them.

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Allowing our students, teachers, and citizens to practice their faith freely is not a danger to others; it should be a shining example. We can, and have, lived in a nation where the religious are allowed to openly and freely practice their faith and the irreligious are afforded the very same right. It’s time to end the tyranny. Let us pray.

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