New Democratic Strategy: Disavow Pelosi

Democratic candidates have at least unofficial permission to disavow Pelosi in order to win elections.

The hottest trend in Democratic campaigning is to disavow Pelosi. Of course, Pelosi is an easy tool to use to defeat Democrats because she has been open about what liberalism is. But when Democrates disavow Pelosi there is no reason to believe that they are disavowing liberalism. On the contrary, they are fighting for it! The proof of this is that Nancy Pelosi is thrilled when a Democratic anti-Pelosi candidate beats a Republican.

The Los Angeles Times reports, “Democratic candidates try something new to cope with anti-Pelosi campaign attacks: Disavowing her.

Pelosi has been the reluctant star of GOP attack ads for years, typically cast as a stereotypical San Francisco liberal who wants to raise taxes and collect all the guns.

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And in an election year where there is a chance she could once again lead the Democratic caucus to the majority and become House speaker, expect Republicans to flood the airwaves with ads connecting candidates to the long-serving leader.

But as Lamb’s victory showed, the Democratic Party appears to have an unconventional new strategy for dealing with anti-Pelosi campaign ads in 2018: Disavow her.

Rather than defend Pelosi or try to change the subject, Democratic candidates are being given leeway — at least unofficially — to buck her if that’s what’s needed to win a seat in a conservative-leaning district — or even in a moderate one, since voters seem to be asking for broad change.

It’s a bold strategy that may short-circuit GOP efforts to use her as their boogeyman. But it could also leave Pelosi — who increasingly has had to fight back efforts to push her aside as leader — without the votes she’ll need to get the gavel again.

In the final weeks of the Pennsylvania race, Lamb announced he wouldn’t support Pelosi. “I think we need new leadership on both sides,” Lamb told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Lamb has faced no backlash from his party’s campaign arm for what some might view as disloyalty toward the Democrats’ top fundraiser, and Democrats on Capitol Hill, including Pelosi, are giddy about his win.

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