New Conservative Movie to Teach Kids Economics!

Some very creative economic Conservatives are working hard to get a movie made that conservative audiences will love. They are calling the project “Uncle SAMta” and the goal is to make a new Christmas classic for all ages and audiences. The premise of the film may appeal at first to conservatives, but the filmmakers hope is to educate and change the minds of non-conservatives as well.

Check out the trailer for Uncle SAMta first…

Here’s the premise for the movie (from the movie’s Kickstarter page)

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So then… what’s the deal with this UNCLE SAMta movie?  What’s the story really about?

“UNCLE SAMta” is the story of MILES, a 13 year old, jaded, yet well-meaning orphan who has all but given up on honesty and trust after Santa disappeared 3 years ago, allegedly abandoning Christmas and children everywhere.

Meanwhile the US President – a peculiar, true-to-life UNCLE SAM – is campaigning his own holiday – a coinciding red, white, and blue celebration known as FAIRNESS DAY.

unclesamtaWhen MILES discovers a crumpled IRS letter revealing the orphanage’s days are long-since numbered, he cleverly switches the media books, causing UNCLE SAM’s campaign to show up at the orphanage in an embarrassing faux pas.  Ever the tactful one, MILES uses the opportunity to thank the President for pardoning his orphanage’s fate on live TV.

Shortly thereafter, MILES manipulative prowess is recognized by “the right people” as he’s offered a celebrity position as FAIRNESS DAY CZAR – the holiday’s poster-child. He confidently accepts, hoping to continue his winning streak – but he soon finds it’s much more difficult to kid political kidders on their home turf.

After helping bring FAIRNESS DAY to a crescendo, things begin to fall apart around him, chaos ensues as he becomes the enemy of kids everywhere and what’s worse… the STATE.

Through MILES’ journey to clear his name and save CHRISTMAS, he discovers the importance of actions in a world of weightless words and hollow promises.

Theme:  Action trumps intent.

It’s not every day that we get to support high quality conservative film making… so when it comes along we should all jump in with both feet. “Uncle SAMta” gives us the opportunity to support a film that will help to educate our children about the benefits of freedom and the pitfalls of a too-powerful government.

In an interview with the libertarian website Ben Swann, the filmmakers go more in depth with their hopes and plans.

UNCLE SAMta, the movie, is the creation of AJ Viviani and Sean Springer, who wanted to produce a movie based on the economy. “We got really interested in the economy when we saw that things were going south in 2008, and the housing market crashed,” said Springer.

“We looked around at the political climate, and we started talking, and as we worked together, we found that we had a particularly similar vision,” said Viviani. He and Springer found a way to combine that vision with their storytelling abilities, and thus the brainchild that is UNCLE SAMta was born!

Their mission was to make a movie that was not only filled with truth in the economic realm, but was also entertaining, and applicable to a range of ages. “We wanted to make a movie that we’d like to see,” said Springer. He described their film as fun, with a little bit of snarky, light-hearted satire.

Springer explained that they wanted to make something that taught about the political system in a way that appealed to children. “Kids don’t learn these kinds of things at school,” explained Springer. “Common Core – and things like that – don’t really teach them the basic details of economics. The way they learn about the economy is by doing it themselves.”

So please, if you’re able and if you think the project is worthy (we think it is), consider giving to help get this movie made!

Here’s the link to their official Kickstarter page – where you can get more information about “Uncle SAMta.”

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