New ‘Call of Duty’ Allows Players to be Black, Female Nazis

Well that’s not something I ever thought I would say in my life. Popular combat game “Call of Duty” (COD) are becoming more politically correcting in their designing. Players may be any gender or race, which is cool, but it is not historically correct when  you are playing in a game about war, in which you are assigned to the “Nazi” team at times.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool that they let you customize your own player, and the game itself looks kicka**, but if historically correct is one of their pinpoints in creating the game…..well, let’s just say they missed the mark with that one.

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Heatstreat reports:

The upcoming Call of Duty: World War II has brought up a pressing question in the debate over intersectionality in video games.

Can a game get so politically correct it becomes viscerally offensive?

Apparently those bastards at Sledgehammer Games managed to pull it off by letting you play as black women Nazis in multiplayer mode. This was noticed by gamers and journalists at E3—the world’s largest gaming expo—where the game was available to play.

The developer wanted to add diversity, by allowing players to customize the character they play in multiplayer. This means, you can change the race and gender of your soldier avatar. When playing, the game randomly places you on a different team, usually Americans or Nazis, so sometimes, you’re gonna get some pretty ahistorical looking Nazis.

This might be why the multiplayer was scrubbed of all Swastikas, on army uniforms and in maps of Berlin.

Michael Condrey with Sledgehammer Games stated, “We didn’t feel like it was appropriate there,” He continued, “It’s a dark symbol and we have to be really respectful and mindful of customs and regulations of different territories and we wanted the whole community to play it together. You’ll see it in the campaign in a historical and accurate way but not in multiplayer and zombies.”

What do you think? Does tossing the symbol make everything better? Is this issue even really an issue?

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