New Analysis shows Obamacare Forcing Hundreds of Thousands of Americans into Part Time Work!

A new study undertaken by the banking giant Goldman Sachs reinforces what many Republicans have long been saying, Obamacare is pushing workers out of the market…

A new study undertaken by the banking giant Goldman Sachs reinforces what many Republicans have long been saying, and what many Democrats have long been denying about Obamacare. The banks analysis of the part-time American workforce and the impact that Obamacare has had on our workforce discovered some interesting and disturbing trends.

In a research note sent out Wednesday, bank economist Alec Phillips concluded that “the evidence suggests that the [Affordable Care Act] has at least modestly elevated involuntary part-time employment.” He wrote that a “few hundred thousand” workers may have had their hours cut or been forced to take part-time jobs because of the law.

Goldman Sachs’ analysis is the latest conduct on the contentious topic of the healthcare law and part-time work, and its findings largely back up what other studies have revealed, Phillips wrote. The bank weighed in on the question after involuntary part-time work rose sharply in recent months.

Obamacare is thought to incentivize part-time work through several means. One is that employers with more than 50 full-time workers face penalties if they do not provide health insurance coverage, giving them a reason to cut hours or avoid hiring new workers if they are near the 50 employee level.

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While the research paints a negative picture of the Obamacare law, things grow ever darker when you consider other research done on the law over the past few years. For example, Obamacare has not helped to insure the uninsured. While the Obama administration likes to claim millions of newly insured Americans, the truth is that we’ve simply shifted folks from Medicaid to Obamacare. Worse, healthcare costs have continued to skyrocket, insurance companies have been dropping out of the market, and as Goldman Sachs points out, it’s forcing people out of full-time jobs and into part-time work.

If our politicians want to know what the fastest and easiest way to fixing what ails our nation is… End Obamacare and the Obamacare revitalization will kick into high gear.

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