Ben Shapiro Is Wrong about the North Korea Summit

If you think that national pride is important than millions dying in nuclear war, then Ben Shapiro’s analysis of the North Korea summit will make sense to you.

He claims the North Korea summit was a disaster unless it happens to end in world peace.

If you think that national pride is more important than millions dying in nuclear war, then Ben Shapiro’s analysis of the North Korea summit will make sense to you.

Shapiro’s comments on this video are perverse. His  concession that he might be wrong and Trump might be right is fake humility. Shapiro is positioning himself so he will get credit for making the admission if Trump succeeds, but if Trump fails he will condemn the President for trying.

On the U.S. flag being an object of such purity that is should never be soiled by proximity to a communist flag….

And here’s some news. If a Brit flag had flown next to a Nazi flag at the right time, the holocaust could have been prevented, Poland would have never been invaded, millions of Eastern European lives would have been spared, the Cold War would never have started, the Iron Curtain never divided Europe, and the Third Reich would still be in the trash heap of history by now. Yes, the Nazis were evil and they deserved what happened to them, but they were a footnote in the body count that resulted from turning on a dime from concessionism to declaring war and demanding unconditional surrender.

Shapiro’s headline on his post about this contains the same offense that he committed on Fox & Friends: “Trump’s Big North Korean Moment Is Either A Masterstroke Or A Horrible Debacle. There’s No In-Between.” Again, he is posturing to make a grudging concession if Trump pulls it off but to condemn the President for trying if it doesn’t work out.

On Monday evening, President Trump met with North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un, the tyrannical overlord of a slave state with 25 million prisoners and a gulag system containing hundreds of thousands of human beings, a radical threat to world peace who has tested nuclear weapons and long-range missiles. Trump gave Kim the thumbs up; the American flag, the symbol of freedom in the world, was placed alongside the flag of North Korea, the closest thing to the Nazi swastika in the world today. Then President Trump praised Kim fulsomely, using verbiage to describe him that he would never use about our G-7 allies.

And the right celebrated.

There’s nothing to celebrate yet. Nothing. Here’s why.

1. Trump Got No Serious Concessions From Kim. According to Trump, Kim said he’ll denuclearize. Sure he will. Just as the Kim family has promised verbally to denuclearize for decades. The actual signed agreement between the United States and North Korea is pathetically weak.

Paper concessions wouldn’t prove anything and Trump knows it. Trump has already made the point that he has a “big button” on his desk. He walked away from the summit and made Kim beg for him to come back. Donald Trump can increase sanctions at will and resume the war games any time. Kim knows that.

Shapiro makes other inane comments but toward the end he gets downright stupid.

Trump signaled that America’s military options are off the table – he explained that in a war, “I think you could have lost 20 million people or 30 million people. This is really an honor for me to do this. I think potentially you could have lost 30 million or 40 million people.” So much for the threat of force bringing Kim to the table.

Kim heard Donald Trump casually mention that, when Kim was being aggressive, he was ready as President to unleash mass death on forty million people. Do you think that sounded to him like a signal to Kim that “military options are off the table”? Do you think it sounded like anything other than a dire threat of what would happen if Kim betrayed us?

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