Never a Hate Crime: White Temple University Student Assaulted at “Random”

The Temple University student was not aware that he needed to watch out for “teens” or “juveniles” trying to bash his skull with a pipe.

When you watch the video, you will see that the Temple University student thought he was perfectly safe only a block from campus. Eli Glovas-Kurtz wasn’t safe, and there was no rational reason for him to have that expectation given Temple’s recent crime history. But that news does not get out because most of the crime involves “teens” or “juveniles”—or in other stories “youths” that the news media doesn’t want to pay attention to and doesn’t want to describe.

ABC 6 Action News reported, “Police: Temple student attacked by juveniles in North Philadelphia.

Glovas-Kurtz says he twice ran from the attackers, but they caught up with him each time he slipped on the wet pavement.

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“They were only aiming for my head, so I really think they were trying to knock me out,” he said.

“It’s very disturbing. These are young kids,” Temple Police Chief Charles Leone said.

Chief Leone believes this was a random attack by four 12 to 14 years olds.


Students seemed to be unaware of the attacks but also unfazed.

Should students be unfazed?

You can read more at CBS Philly, too.

If four white youths had tried to kill a black Temple University student, It would be a national news story and the President would be dragged into it.

Read the entire ABC 6 story.

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