Is Net Neutrality Really Fair?

The most pressing assault on our American freedoms will take place next Thursday, February 26th.  This is when the FCC will vote on new Internet user rules called Net Neutrality.  It is being portrayed to the public as a proposal that makes Internet speeds ‘fair’ for everyone.  As we all know, whenever the government gets involved, it is anything but fair.  Government regulation that restricts the free-flow of information is completely against our right to free speech.  This is not only wrong, it is illegal!

This proposal is President Obama’s idea, even though the bill is being proposed by Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler.  Basically it means that the Internet will be controlled as a public utility.  Have you ever had to deal with Comcast?  How did that work out for you?  Did they listen to you like they appreciated your business? Did you feel like you were a customer, or one of their subjects?  How many choices did you have when you signed up for Comcast?  In some areas of the country they are the ONLY choice. How fair is it that you had only one choice as your provider?  In the end it is the customer who gets shafted because one company always ends up monopolizing the market.  Welcome to government regulated utilities.

Once the FCC has authority to control the Internet here is what you can likely expect. Right now, if you have Internet service at home, you pay for a provider to bring into your home.  internet-controlIf this bill passes, you could be paying to use/access the Internet itself.  Using the Internet is going to cost you more, in lots of ways.  Right now, you can just get online and start a business.  If this bill passes, you will likely need to obtain licensing and go through lots of red tape to start an online business.  You will be paying to submit applications and for licenses, and it will all take time.  Like everything else, you will have to continuously renew your license and pay every time. That is if your online business is ‘approved’ by this new branch of government.  Also, if you love Netflix, you may be sad to find out how much that is going to cost you.

Worst of all, the government will have to bloat even more to regulate the mandates of the new law.  Of course, that means it will be funded by you –the taxpayer.  How about a Department of the Internet?  We all know how the Departments of Government work so efficiently and cost consciously.  What contractor does not love a government contract?  So the United States government is growing by leaps and bounds, and now they will need more of your money to control what you do on the Internet.

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Besides all of this, the Internet is really the last media source for free speech that is not regulated by the FCC.  If you use the Internet to research controversial issues, you can forget that right under this law.  If this bill passes, the only thing you will find on the Internet is what pleases the FCC/Washington DC.  How about more censorship and propaganda with zero checks and balances?

The bottom line is that this bill would stifle free speech, inhibit business opportunities, and create new regulation and taxation all under the guise of ‘fairness’.   None of this is fair!

Remember, the government is supposed to work for us.  Not the other way around.  What can you do?  Contact the FCC and remind them they do not have the authority to do this. Please staunchly defend our right to use the Internet at will.  It is the most efficient means of communication by the masses that we can use to keep our government in check. Effort and awareness is needed on a grand scale to keep it this way.  Please take action today!

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