Neo-Nazi Ukraine Preferable to Pro-Russia Ukraine?

Why don’t we see reports in the media about neo-nazi Ukraine? You would think that a country dealing with violent anti-semitism would be a major concern.

The media acts like the pro-Russia elected government of Ukraine deserved to be overthrown, but is Neo-Nazi Ukraine better?

Why don’t we see more reports in the media about neo-nazi Ukraine? You would think that a country dealing with violent anti-semitism would be a major concern.

But it seems that since the current government of Ukraine violently overthrew a pro-Russia regime, the media doesn’t want to report anything that makes the new government look bad—even if that government is doing nothing about new-nazi thought.

Lev Golinkin reported, “Violent Anti-Semitism Is Gripping Ukraine — And The Government Is Standing Idly By.

A wave of anti-Semitism has swept over Ukraine. In the past three weeks alone, a far-right leader publicly called for cleansing Ukraine of zhidi (a slur equivalent to “kike”); a Holocaust memorial in Ternopil was bombed; hundreds marched through Lviv, in honor of an SS unit, complete with Nazi salutes; “Death to Zhidi” graffiti was scrawled in two cities; a revered rabbi’s tomb was vandalized; a Romani camp in Kiev was attacked and burned by far-right nationalists, and hundreds rocked out at a neo-Nazi concert clad in swastikas and throwing up Nazi salutes.

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This outpouring of hatred got the attention of the World Jewish Congress, which put out a short video condemning the surge of anti-Semitism […].

Shortly afterward, Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko issued a press release affirming his commitment to combating anti-Semitism. In turn, WJC president Ronald Lauder thanked Poroshenko for his statement, which made Lauder feel “gratified.”

But we shouldn’t heave a sigh of relief just yet. Unfortunately, WJC’s willingness to accept Poroshenko’s word is premature. Over the past four years of Poroshenko’s presidency, Ukraine has experienced a steady growth of anti-Semitism, including the glorification of Nazi collaborators, vandalism of Jewish sites and public threats against Jews — and the rate of anti-Semitic incidents appears to be escalating.

Indeed, the day after Poroshenko issued his empty promise, which was so effusively celebrated by Lauder, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry flatly denied the growth of anti-Semitism in Ukraine. How can Poroshenko combat anti-Semitism when his own Foreign Ministry (which he theoretically has control over) refuses to acknowledge the problem?

After the WJC welcomed Poroshenko’s commitment to fight anti-Semitism and other forms of hatred, a Ukrainian mayor was caught spewing vitriol about Jews seeking to kill gentiles; the Ukrainian consul in Hamburg was suspended following allegations of writing anti-Semitic Facebook posts, including blaming the Jews for WWII; the tomb of the daughter of a revered rabbi was defaced for the fifth time in two years; far-right thugs stormed the home of a TV station co-owner; the neo-Nazi C14 gang carried out another Roma pogrom, torching an encampment in L’viv […].

Here’s a BBC special designed to teach you that neo-nazis had nothing to do with the not-a-coup that overthrew the elected President, but the national militia is permitted to “help” police, though they sometimes fight them:

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