Neighbor Posts Sign “Outing” Man for Carrying a Concealed Firearm

You can file this under “worst story of the day.”

A guy in suburban Rochester, Minnesota walks his two little girls to school everyday. He loves his girls and wants to make sure they’re safe, so each morning he walks them all the way down and stops just short of the school property – watching them enter school grounds on their own. Why? Because he carries a concealed firearm, just in case he ever needs it. Minnesota law doesn’t allow firearms on school grounds, so Matthew Halleck complies with the law, as he should.

“I’m going to protect my children anyway I can,” said Halleck.

For Matthew, that means carrying a concealed gun that he has a permit for, while adhering to all legal boundaries. “It’s not crossing the street here, where the crosswalk is, it’s making sure it’s concealed so the kids can’t see it,” he said.

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Apparently, having a neighbor who loves and cares for his family while complying with the law bothers some people.

Halleck’s witch of a neighbor, Kimberly Edson, says that she doesn’t like it when people in her community exercise their rights, and she is doing something about it.

Kimberly-Edson-largeShe put a sign up in her front yard telling the rest of the community that Halleck carried a concealed firearm.

Recently a sign went up in a front yard across the street from the school. It has Matthew’s picture on it and reads, “This man carries a loaded gun around your children every day.”

“Since we don’t have a way to stop him, we felt it was important to notify the neighborhood and the parents that there is an armed man in their presence,” said Kimberly Edson, a Rochester resident who put the sign up. “The first couple days of school he had it very visible, we saw it and were quite concerned,” she said.

Kimberly called the police the day the picture was taken, but they said Matthew has a legal right to carry off school property. Matthew also contacted authorities concerning the sign, and while they briefly took the sign down, it was eventually determined that Kimberly was also breaking no laws. “He has a 2nd Amendment right to carry the gun, I have my 1st Amendment right to say that I don’t like it,” said Edson.

It’s people like Kimberly Edson who are hastening the destruction of our nation. Not because she dislikes guns, but because she has a fascist mentality about it. She will force her perspective down the throat of anyone who is nearby to listen. She doesn’t care about the fundamental rights of the people around her – she only cares about herself and she’ll go to great lengths to prove it.

Personally, if I were Mr. Halleck, I’d be very tempted to place a counter sign in my own yard. One that says something like – “Attention Criminals! This home protected by a permit holding gun owner. The house next door… has no guns.” Would that be taking things too far?

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