Need a Good Book? Try Michael Reisig’s Latest

Our very own Michael Reisig has just released his latest book – trust us when we say, you’ll want to get your hands on it as soon as possible!

In the fourth book of “The Road To Key West” series, Kansas Stamps and Will Bell once again find themselves hip-deep in madcap adventure – from bizarre to hysterical. 

The captivating diary of an amateur archeologist sends our intrepid explorers on a journey into the heart of the Panamanian jungle, in search of La cueva de Esmeralda (The Emerald Cave), and a lost Spanish treasure. But local brigand, Tu Phat Shong, and his gang of cutthroats are searching for the same treasure. It’s a cat and mouse game – up the perilous Fangaso River, through the jungle and the boisterous mining towns, and into “The Village of the Witches,” where nothing is as it seems…
If that weren’t enough, one of the Caribbean’s nastiest drug lords has a score to settle with our reluctant heroes. (Something to do with an ancient golden medallion they “borrowed.”) The word is out. There’s a price on Kansas and Will’s heads, and a conga line of hit men trailing them. As they careen across the Southern Hemisphere, our adventurers encounter some fascinating ladies as well, and experience an extraordinary romance. Be careful what you wish for…
Somehwhere“Somewhere On The Road To Key West” offers the standard plethora of zany characters: Rufus, the mystical Rastaman, who’s convinced that luck is nothing more than “da gods adjusting da rabbit ears on da television of life”, Benny The Rat, a struggling larcenist who’s taking correspondence courses to become a bullfighter, Crazy Eddie and his aging but fabulous “Goose,” and last but not least, “The Griffins.” (There are some things you just don’t mess with – like bubonic plague, nuclear weapons, and The Griffins…) So sit back, pour yourself margarita, and slide into the Caribbean for another wild and crazy caper. You’re somewhere on The Road, again. 


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This latest Reisig offering has already garnered some great praise! So do yourself a favor and go pick it up – click right here and buy it


With the accidental adventures and irreverent ingenuity of Indiana Jones, unfolding in the revered latitudes of Jimmy Buffett, “Somewhere On The Road to Key West” is Michael Reisig at his island-hopping best.  Reisig’s wise-cracking wanderers undertake a daring odyssey across the Caribbean, struggling with fortune and survival while cavorting through the shady side of Paradise. Adventure, humor, and romance – Reisig has mixed us another delightful Caribbean cocktail!  – The Key West Citizen


“Once again, Michael Reisig offers vivid descriptions of bizarre characters and intriguing, south of the border settings. He makes you feel like you’re dead center in the heart-hammering action. “Somewhere on The Road To Key West” is a tough book to put down.”  –


“Before you start this book, get a good night’s sleep, eat some fine food, and hit the bathroom. Put away the bookmark because you won’t need it. You’re riding Reisig’s Adventure Express and there will be no stops until the end of the line.”  — Award-winning columnist and editor, Robert Simpson

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Michael Reisig has been writing professionally for 15 years. He is an award-winning newspaper columnist and a best-selling novelist. You can see his other great works here.

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