NBC’s Chuck Todd “Trump Supporters Know” He’s Not a Conservative


NBC’s chief political analyst, Chuck Todd, was a guest Wednesday morning on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, when he told the gathered panel that he thought Senator Cruz’s decision to attack Donald Trump’s conservative credentials was a mistake.

While many Trump supporters might also consider such a maneuver a mistake as well, they’ll likely take issue with Todd’s reasoning.

Todd doesn’t think that [score]Ted Cruz[/score] should be concerned because he’s attacking Trump, but that attacking Trump’s political leanings is the mistake.

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Todd says that Trump’s supporters already understand that Trump is not actually a conservative!

This is what I think has been the mistake. Jeb tried it early, Cruz is trying it now. 

Attacking Donald for not being a conservative. Trump supporters know that already, it is baked in, it is part of the deal.

That’s why I think some of these hits on [score]Marco Rubio[/score] and immigration and gang of eight aren’t as effective anymore.

It is baked in, it is built in, you gotta go after him on something else. I think temperament is probably a better line of attack than ideology [against Donald Trump].

The people supporting Donald Trump, they were Democrats 20 years ago, many of them supported Bill Cinton, some of them supported Barack Obama.

They are folks that are looking for change, not necessarily looking for conservative change, they’re looking for change.

Maybe they haven’t figured out what they want yet, but they know what they don’t like, that is why some of these ideological attacks on Trump don’t work.

If he’s right, this could change everything – not just in the GOP, but in the American political landscape in general. There would now be a new class of voter — conservatives, liberals, moderates and Trump voters. What would this do to the balance of political power across the country? Would Trump voters support him when as President he tries to force his version of socialized healthcare (single payer Medicaid expansion)? Would Trump voters support him when he tries to make having an abortion in America easier? Would they support him when he expands the government’s power to use eminent domain against citizens who don’t want to sell their property? These questions become increasingly important as the possibility of a Trump presidency continues to grow.

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