NBC News Laments: Trump Officially NOT Shortest-Serving President

Trump may have ‘crossed a line,’ as Chris Wallace put it, when he labeled the ‘fake news’ media the ‘enemy of the people.’

Liberals in the media think that this is how terrorist attacks happen. Trump’s incendiary rhetoric against the media – who love to put themselves on a pedestal as self-proclaimed bastions of a free society, or ‘democracy,’ as they put it – might incite someone to carry out an attack not seen since the Oklahoma City bombing.

So, they get on to Trump for all that, but they can complain that Trump isn’t dead yet.

In a not-so-subtle lamentation, NBC News reported that Trump is officially not the shortest-serving president. You know they were on pins and needles, hoping that he’d set a new record. But alas, William Henry Harrison still holds that record. Here’s what they had to say:

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This Presidents Day, as thousands prepare to swarm the streets for anti-administration rallies, President Donald Trump has reached his 32nd day in office, and will soon surpass the record for the shortest term in the Oval Office. 

That unfortunate honor rests with William Henry Harrison, the ninth president of the United States, who died from pneumonia just 32 days into his presidency, on April 4, 1841. 

James Garfield, who was assassinated after only 7 months in office in 1881, is the second shortest-serving president.

Interestingly, throughout his campaign for the White House, the Democratic Party attempted to portray Harrison, decorated military officer and longtime politician, as elderly and out of touch with the Americans, according to White House historians

At the time the 65-year-old Harrison was our country’s oldest president. Trump, elected at 70, now holds that title. 

Trump may not be the shortest-serving president, but he still has a chance to get second place. Now, I’m sure the media are hoping for an assassination between now and seven months into his term. That way, he’d beat James Garfield and become the official 2nd place winner of shortest-serving president.

Is this the media’s way of ‘inciting’ someone to ‘do something?’

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