NBC Military Analyst tells Obama to “Shut Up” on Syria – “We Don’t Even have a Strategy”

The folks at CNBC took some major shots at the Obama administration on Thursday morning. Retired Col. Jack Jacobs was on CNBC’s Squawk Box to talk about the Syrian mess when he laid out the clearest condemnation of the Obama Mid-East policy that I have ever heard. While Jacobs (and the CNBC reporters) are obviously not interested in getting America involved in Syria, they are also disgusted with the way President Obama has handled the ISIS crisis. Jacobs explains just how foolish the Obama administration has been over the last two years in dealing with the ever-worsening situation in Syria and Iraq.

Col. Jack Jacobs: Shut up is the first thing to doWe’re not doing anything whatsoever … The most outrageous thing imaginable was the secretary of defense … his criticism of Putin was that Putin was not professional, that the way Russia’s been doing [bombing] is not professional. I mean, if the worst thing that you can say about somebody is that he’s not genteel in waging war and making you look like a dummy, then you’ve got absolutely nothing to say.

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera: It is clear they want to keep us out of war, the American people don’t want it. But if that is your intention, you are basically Rand Paul-like in your view of it, if you talk tough all the time, you end up looking silly and hypocritical.

Col. Jack Jacobs: That’s why shutting up is good advice. Because it is clear you don’t know what you’re talking about. Anybody with any military experience knows that everything we’ve been doing there is bankruptWe’ve got egg on our face because we clearly have a bankrupt– we don’t even have a strategy.

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BAM. Col. Jacobs just roasted the Obama team’s terrible foreign policy. Hopefully President Obama takes Col. Jacobs’ advice and just “shuts up” because “we don’t even have a strategy.”

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