NBC Liberal Chuck Todd asks Dr. Ben Carson ‘How Can Religion and Science Coexist?’

NBC’s Chuck Todd asked Dr. Ben Carson the following question:

“You’re a famed neurosurgeon, the best — some say — the best pediatric neurosurgeon living in the world today. You’re a man of deep faith. Explain how science and religion, in your mind, co-exist.”

Chuck Todd should be asking how atheists can do science without God. I wonder if he would ask an atheist this question:

“How can an atheist account for the stuff of the cosmos, the complexity of the structure of DNA, the information needed to operate the human body and mind and the near impossibility of something coming into existence from nothing and evolving into what we are today which is contrary to all known science?”

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Of course, Chuck Todd would never ask such a question of an atheist even though they are the questions that should be asked before any discussion of atheism and/or evolution takes place.

The Christian religion and science are not incompatible…
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