NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley is Leaning GOP in 2016

Former NBA star and current Hall of Famer Charles Barkley was recently on CNN to discuss which way he was leaning in the upcoming Presidential campaign. He likely surprised a lot of people when he said that he wasn’t excited about any of the Democrat candidates and was actually leaning towards one particular republican – Ohio Governor John Kasich (R-OH).

Not everything Barkley said about the GOP was entirely positive, as he regurgitated liberal media talking points on the GOP being “divisive.” (He’s obviously never actually seen Republicans talk about certain issues and simply bought in to what the media told him, e.g. “the war on women,” “identity politics.”) He’s also wrong about Republican negativity on issues like abortion, gay marriage, etc. Being pro-life (or anti-murder) or pro-traditional marriage (the way it has been defined for some 5000 years) is not “being negative.” The reason Barkley sees it as “negative” is because he doesn’t agree with us. Does he think pro-abortion activists and politicians are “negative”? Does he think gay marriage activists are “negative”? They use hateful and exclusive rhetoric in a similar manner to many conservative activists… but he only sees one side as “negative”. He’s wrong and it’s a telling point – Barkley is a liberal and he currently supports a GOP candidate.

I wonder then, if Barkley is an early indicator of the amount of trouble that the Democrat Party finds themselves in this election cycle?

When asked why he wasn’t supporting Hillary Clinton, Barkley said:

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“Well, you know, she just doesn’t have the “it” factor…I don’t like using the term “Republican” or “Democrat” or “conservative” or “liberal.” I want somebody who is going to inspire me to want to go out and campaign for them, talk to my friends about them. But right now, I’m not getting that from the Democratic Party.”

And on supporting Kasich as opposed to any of the Democrat candidates:

“He talked about young black kids and giving them an opportunity. His idea of being a conservative is being inclusive. Most of the quote-unquote conservatives have attack and blame. It’s already somebody else’s fault why people aren’t doing better…The black and Hispanic votes are very powerful. And we have to band together with the candidates and come up with answers on how to bring more economic opportunities to the blacks in the ghetto, to the Hispanics in certain neighborhoods.”

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