Navy SEAL To Barack Obama: Now Try Saying ‘Radical Islam’

SEAL Team 6 member O’Neill fired back at the former President Barack Obama on Twitter, questioning when he would finally acknowledge the reality of radical Islamic terror.

I did not believe that Obama could sink this low. Of course, he avoided the term “radical Islam” it might offend some of his best friends.

Trump denounced Nazis. But Obama never denounced Black Lives Matter for rioting in the streets or other leftist radical groups.


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Daily Caller:

Rob O’Neill, the Navy SEAL who claims to have killed Osama Bin Laden, challenged President Barack Obama to say “radical Islam” on Friday.

Obama delivered a long rebuke of President Donald Trump in Illinois on Friday and specifically knocked the president for his reaction to the Charlottesville neo-Nazi marches last summer.

“How hard can that be, saying that Nazis are bad?” Obama asked. More

When the push comes to shove, we’ll have to decide just how much do “we the people” cherish our great Republic?

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