Navy SEAL Rips Obama and Throws Down the Koran

Ex-Navy SEALs are not often considered the most meek or gentle of men. These are soldiers who have been trained and hardened to do the most dangerous and difficult of things, and their personalities generally reflect that.

Former Navy SEAL Ben Smith is no different. He is a passionate hero who cares greatly for his nation and the direction our leaders are taking it. A few months ago he gave a speech to the South Carolina Tea Party where he spoke zealously about our need for change — real change — not the amorphous change that President Obama used to speak about.

In his speech, Smith attacked President Obama calling him a “communist” and a “Muslim Traitor.” He also spoke of the evils of Islam and even dropped the Muslim “holy” book to the ground in disgust.

See the fiery speech for yourself.

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What do you think – is Ben Smith right?

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I’m just saying…

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