Natural Female Cycler Calls ‘Unfair’ After ‘Transgender’ Man Wins Women’s Cycling Event

A man claiming to be transgender recently won a national cycling championship in LA, but now some of the natural-born women he beat are crying foul.

A man claiming to be a transgender woman recently won a national bicycling championship in Los Angeles, but now some of the natural-born women he beat for first place are crying foul.

Cyclist Rachel McKinnon, a man who claims to be a transitioned female, won the women’s sprint 35-39 age bracket at the 2018 UCI Masters Track Cycling World Championships last weekend. McKinnon is a professor at the College of Charleston and was racing for the Canadian team.

McKinnon, who has been an outspoken activists for transgender rights, celebrated the win on Twitter saying, “First transgender woman world champion…ever.”

But now the natural-born woman who was edged into third place because McKinnion was competing criticized the situation as totally unfair.

“I was the 3rd place rider. It’s definitely NOT fair,” wrote Wagner  in a tweet on Monday, The Daily Caller reported.

In another tweet Wagner slammed the “rules” that allow men claiming to be women to compete in the women’s category.

Wagner’s ire was raised by the race last weekend.

As Breitbart Sports reported:

McKinnon edged out natural-born female contestants Carolien Van Herrikhuyzen of the Netherlands and American Jennifer Wagner.

McKinnon has been a critic of forcing transgender athletes to suppress their testosterone.

In an interview published in January by USA Today, McKinnon insisted that forcing trans people to alter their physical condition to be allowed to participate in sports is a violation of their human rights. McKinnon thinks the requirements to lower testosterone is inherently discriminatory.

“This is bigger than sports and it’s about human rights,” McKinnon said. “By catering to cisgender people’s views, that furthers transgender people’s oppression. When it comes to extending rights to a minority population, why would we ask the majority? I bet a lot of white people were pissed off when we desegregated sports racially and allowed black people. But they had to deal with it.”

McKinnon also insisted that if we “legally recognize” transgenders in society, then we have to do so in sports.

“We cannot have a woman legally recognized as a trans woman in society, and not be recognized that way in sports,” McKinnon told the paper. “Focusing on performance advantage is largely irrelevant because this is a rights issue. We shouldn’t be worried about trans people taking over the Olympics. We should be worried about their fairness and human rights instead.”

Many on Twitter criticized McKinnon saying that it should not surprise anyone that a man beat the women in cycling.

Some insisted that his stronger build and natural testosterone made him a sure thing to beat the contestants who were natural-born females.

But, in response to Twitter critics, McKinnon spoke to lowered testosterone levels in sports. On Twitter, McKinnon said, “I’m still forced to have an unhealthily low endogenous testosterone value…it’s virtually undetectable it’s so low…way below the average for women.”

Still, many on Twitter slammed the man turned female bike champion.

This problem is recurring in sports all across the world.

Recently a man claiming to be a transgender weightlifter defeated all the natural-born women at a New Zealand contest causing many to question the legitimacy of the win.

In another Breitbart Sports report:

A New Zealand man has discovered the secret to dominating women’s weightlifting: identify as a woman while remaining a biological man, and then out lift all the biological women in the competition.
That strategy worked famously for Laurel Hubbard, a biological man identifying as a woman who used his biological advantages to run away with the Australian International weightlifting competition in Melbourne, where Hubbard set four new records while leaving the competition in the dust.

Some competitors congratulated Hubbard after the event, while others felt less inclined to do so. Bronze medalist Kaitlyn Fassina said, “She is who she is. That’s the way the politics…and what the New Zealanders have decided. I can’t say much more than that. She is seen as female and that’s the way it is.”

But, Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand President Garry Marshall said that he didn’t think the whole thing was fair. While admitting that Hubbard had undertaken to create lower testosterone, Marshall noted that the competitor was still nearly as strong as he was when he competed as a man.

“That strength has remained with her, despite testosterone. That point is not recognized by the science and some of our competitors would say that’s not fair,” Marshall said.

The problem has reared its ugly head in high school sports, as well.

Two boys “identifying” as girls have been crushing their natural-born female contestants at high school track events in Connecticut early this year.

Claimed transgender student Terry Miller of Bulkeley, Connecticut, set a “record” for the girl’s competition in the 100 and 200-meter runs in June.

But as if that wasn’t bad enough, the second place finisher was also a transgender student, Andraya Yearwood of Cromwell.

But one of the coaches said he had fielded a lot of questions from upset parents who thought the whole thing was unfair:

For his part, Hillhouse coach Gary Moore has criticized the policy. Moore insisted that allowing biological boys to compete as girls “wasn’t fair to the girls.”

Moore added that people have come to him privately to express dissatisfaction with the policy, CTPost reported.

“I’ve been stopped by at least five coaches,” Moore said, “all of them saying they really liked what I said in the paper. How come other coaches aren’t talking? This is a big issue a lot of coaches have, that we’ve got to do something, but how come you’re not saying anything? I’ve said what I needed to say. I’m getting a little annoyed with the coaches that we haven’t been able to get together and do what’s best for everybody.”

Glastonbury coach Brian Collins also criticized the district for allowing the boys to compete as girls.

“I think a lot of people, myself in included, have a problem with is a biological male competing. When they put the state law in effect, my interpretation is it wasn’t made for high school sports,” Collins said. “I think it was meant for all people, whether transgender, bisexual, gay, are treated fairly. I totally agree with that, but with sports, it’s not a level playing field. You’d probably ask the state reps if the law should be changed for sports.”

This sort of nonsense will continue until sports officials wake up to reality and stop allowing males to compete as females. Because if they don’t, real girls will simply stop bothering with sports because, well, why bother? If men can pretend to be women and then totally crush them in every competition… what is the point of trying to compete.

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