Native Americans Love the Redskins but Should Hate Washington

Muslim woman was offended because of a “Bacon” sign that was posted by Sneakers Bistro, a local restaurant in Winooski, Vermont. It read “Yield for Sneakers Bacon.” It was a street sign that was part of a city beautification program.

The owner took it down so as not to “offend” the easily offended.

bacon taco

Facebook would have to be shut down if easily offended Muslims got their way. Bacon this and bacon that are everywhere. The latest is a bacon taco where the shell is made out of woven bacon strips. Looks delicious.

People are tired of being pushed around by the easily offended. Facebook would have to be shut down if Muslims offended by bacon got their way.

It’s about time.

The debate over the name “Redskins” has gotten a lot of media attention. It seems that Native Americans across the nation are “offended.” Don’t you believe it. The usual suspects are offended: Liberal pundits, President Obama, and some very small Native American groups who are more concerned about a name than their own people.


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