National Right to Life just Announced Which Candidate has their Endorsement

One of the nation’s most important pro-life organizations, the National Right to Life, has decided to support Senator [score]Ted Cruz[/score] (R-TX) as their candidate for President in all of the remaining primary states. National Right to Life’s board of directors met this past Sunday and voted to throw their support behind Senator Cruz in the wake of more “questionable” commentary from Donald Trump on the issue of abortion.

Trump has vacillated back and forth in his comments on abortion. He has both attacked and defended Planned Parenthood, he has called for punishing women who’ve had abortions but then argued that our laws on abortion are set and should be followed as they are, and he has argued that while he is pro-life he does believe that there should be exceptions that allow for abortions.

From the Telegraph UK:

Donald Trump has shifted his position on abortion for the third time in a matter of days.  leaving his campaign mired in confusion days ahead of the Wisconsin primary.

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Mr. Trump, whose lead in the Republican race is beginning to look fragile, started the week as an outspoken opponent of abortion, calling

He then backtracked saying that penalties should only be imposed on those who provided the abortions. Then in another shift he has said the laws should remain unchanged.

pro life voteThe billionaire mogul’s latest policy position emerged in an interview with Face the Nation, one of the major political television programs in the United States, which is due to be broadcast on Sunday.

But in an excerpt released by CBS on Friday, Mr. Trump said: “The laws are set. And I think we have to leave it that way.”

In light of these contradictory comments, the National Right to Life board decided that now was the time to offer their full support of Senator Cruz.

An average of seven recent national political polls shows that Mr. Trump trails Hillary Clinton by 11.2%.

In those same seven polls, Sen. Cruz trails Mrs. Clinton by an average of 3%.

National Right to Life believes Sen. Cruz is the only candidate for president who has always been pro-life, who has a 100% pro-life voting record with National Right to Life, who can win the Republican nomination, and who can defeat pro-abortion Hillary Clinton in November.

Senator Cruz happily accepted the Support from the activists at National Right to Life.

A candidate that can’t be trusted to protect the right to life can’t be trusted to protect any of our other God-given rights either. When you look at the voting records of politicians, what you’ll find is if they’re bad on life, they’re always – repeat always – bad on everything else too. If a politician will rob a fellow person of their right to life, rest assured they’ll rob you of your private property rights, religious liberty, and look for new taxes and regulations to rob you of your hard-earned money as well. Liberty isn’t safe in the hands of a politician that doesn’t hold all life sacred.” 

Ted Cruz on Defending the Unborn:


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