Narrowest Democratic House Majority Since 1945

The Democrats won, but not by much… The narrowest majority in the House of Representative since 1945.

Kevin McCarthy: “It wasn’t like in Barack Obama’s term when we defeated 63 Democratic incumbents. They have a smaller majority than before. I don’t think they ran on agenda. Their agenda was mainly to investigate. We’re looking for more results. The Democrats will elect the past. Think about that. Nancy Pelosi as speaker, Steny Hoyer is running as majority leader and (James) Clyburn will become their whip. That is the past. I mean that is the old, old, past. They have all been in Congress 25, 30 years.”

Free Beacon:

After all the votes are counted, Democrats will emerge from the first midterm election of Donald Trump’s presidency with their narrowest majority in the House of Representative since 1945.

If current results hold, Democrats will control 229 seats, a net gain of 36, compared with 206 for Republicans, giving them a majority of 11 seats. Democratic candidates won, or are currently leading in, 18 seats by a margin lower than 5 percentage points.

While the party did succeed in retaking the House, their efforts fell well short of historical trend lines recorded in previous wave elections.

The Democrats’ net gain of 36 seats pales in comparison to the Tea Party wave of 2010, when Republicans captured 63 seats in the House. The GOP’s post-2010 majority of 24 seats was more than double the amount that Democrats are expected to possess from 2019 to 2021.

Furthermore, the Democrats’ majority this January will be smaller than that which the party held from 2007 to 2009, the last time they took power and elected Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) as House speaker. Democrats now have their narrowest majority in the House since the 1943 to 1945 Congress, when only four seats separated the two parties from the speaker’s gavel.

On election night, the Democrats’ majority ran through a number of districts that Trump carried on his way to the White House in 2016. As noted by the Cook Political Report, however, Democrats struggled to win seats in districts where the president captured more than 55 percent of the vote.

Democratic candidates emerged victorious in areas as geographically diverse as Iowa’s 1st and 3rd districts, as well as New York’s 19th and 22nd districts. More

Imagine what the results would’ve been if there wasn’t an all-out onslaught of the MSM against everything President Trump. He has been labeled a racist constantly on just about every major news network without any evidence or proof of it. He’s also been labeled a dictator, Hitler-like, misogynist, Xenophobe, and anti-immigrant again without any evidence. The MSM is at war with the President and everyone who voted for him.

Not to mention what Facebook and Twitter did to conservatives in the weeks leading up to the midterms. I personally lost my huge Twitter accounts without any warning or recourse. Others lost their Facebook pages and profile along with their Twitter accounts. So who’s interfering with our elections now?


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