Nanny State New York Now Shaking Down Gun Stores

New York State is widely considered to be the most fascist, big-government state in America. Some folks are starting to realize just how oppressive the state is – New York now has the 3rd highest ratio of people moving out compared to moving in. Some 58% of those moving into or out of New York are fleeing.

The states restrictions on gun ownership may not be the main reason, but they are a part of the reason.

Last week New York proved once again just how unfriendly it is to freedom. In the small, up-state Lake Ontario town of Albion a gun store got a rude awakening from local authorities. State police came to the store and threatened a full scale SWAT style raid if the owners did not comply with their demands – needless to say store owner, Joseph Palumbo, was terrified.

“Plan A was apparently come in here guns blazing, SWAT team, the whole deal. It was kind of scary. I contacted the family attorney, she said cooperate, hand the records over,” Palumbo said. On the advice of his family lawyer, Palumbo did as the police demanded and handed over the records of more than 170 customers.

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“We never expected anything like this. We were told the modification we were using was legal, it was okay. We had called New York State Gun hotline and they had accepted this modification as legal,” Palumbo said…

guncontrolPalumbo believes this is an example of how confusing the SAFE ACT is. “This is what happens, when you try to pass a bill at midnight and you give everybody 20 minutes to read the bill,” he said.

The state and the police hold the store and the customers to blame, of course, even though the state told the store the modifications were fine. But the state won’t press charges because they believe the problems were “unintentional.” How magnanimous.

I know what you’re thinking… “This whole situation seems a little convoluted and overly dramatic.”

Couldn’t the police have simply gotten a warrant to coerce the store to hand over the information? Couldn’t this have all been handled in a much kinder, gentler way? Did they need to threaten and browbeat the storeowner – when in reality the entire mess was created by the state of New York? Probably not, but liberal fascists like the government of New York love instilling fear into the hearts of their serfs… um, I mean citizens.

Anywho, the moral of the story is – if you live in New York, now may be a good time to leave. Conversely, if you don’t live in New York… thank your lucky stars.

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