Nancy Pelosi Whines about Sexism and Ageism when asked if She’s Stepping Down

Nancy Pelosi got her dander up on Thursday when a reporter asked her whether or not she was considering stepping down following the Democrat collapse in the midterms. The minority leader wasted no time in playing her disgruntled feminist card by accusing the reporter of being anti-old people and being sexist.

“What was the day that any of you said to Mitch McConnell when they lost the Senate three times in a row … ‘aren’t you getting old, Mitch? Shouldn’t you step aside?’ Have you ever asked him that question?”

“It just is interesting, as a woman, to see how many times that question is asked of a woman, and how many times that question is never asked of Mitch McConnell.”

“But as a woman, is there a message here? Is there something that we’re missing?”

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First of all – Nancy is way off base to be upset at the question of whether or not she should step down. That is the job of a leader after all, to shoulder the weight of a loss… but to her point about Boehner and McConnell never being asked about stepping down, she is also wrong.

Over the lean years from 2004 – 2014 there have been innumerable reports wondering whether or not it was time for John Boehner or Mitch McConnell to step down. 2012 was not a good election for Republicans and almost immediately Boehner was forced to field questions about his leadership. (See here and here) Also, Harry Reid has had to field many of the same kind of questions… Pelosi actually seems to be the last of the four leaders forced to field this kind of question! Is that because the media is sexist against men? (I kid – kind of.)

Secondly, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are the oldest of the group! She’s mad that Mitch McConnell hasn’t been asked about his age but Mitch just won 8 new Senate Seats (with a 9th likely in December)! When Mitch was losing Senate seats back in 2008… he was “only” 66.

This is simply Nancy being Nancy. Looking for any excuse to avoid the crippling embarrassment of being a massive failure. Well, we won’t let you squirm away from your responsibilities Nancy… you should quit – not because you’re a woman or because you’re old, but because YOU ARE TERRIBLE.

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