Nancy Pelosi: ‘The Only Decent Thing’ for GOP to do With Healthcare Act is to ‘Pull the Bill’ [VIDEO]

She would like that, wouldn’t she? And since she is the standard of decency, she would know. (I’m joking.)

Now, I – as with most conservatives – don’t like the bill that’s been crafted by the GOP leadership. They’re part of the establishment. They have absolutely no desire to change things. They want everything to stay the same. That’s why they drafted a bill that’s essentially Obamacare with a different brand name. Some conservatives say it even has the potential to be worse. 

So, I suppose in a sense I do agree with Nancy Pelosi on this one. For the first time in a long time, the GOP controls the House, the Senate, and the White House, and this is what they do with that control? The Democrats should be happy.

The thing is, to Pelosi, this is all a game. The reason she doesn’t like the Republican’s bill has nothing to do with anything in the bill. She doesn’t like it, because it came from the Republicans. She hated it before she even knew anything about it.

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If the Republicans had instead embraced a more conservative, free market approach to healthcare that completely repealed Obamacare, and worked to seriously scale back government involvement in the healthcare industry, Pelosi would hate that too. But conservatives would be able to rally around that, and the President would be able to fulfill a campaign promise.

Here’s what Pelosi had to say about the GOP’s bill:

“I hope that they would pull the bill. That’s really the only decent thing to do. Numbers are important. They see the numbers. They should know how that transfers into people’s lives. They are finding that out from their constituents. How can they look their constituents in the eyes when they say to them, 24 million of you are no longer going to have coverage. Those of you who do have it will have less in terms of coverage at more cost to you.”

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