Nancy Pelosi Teaches the Democrats How to Lie

By Paul Dowling
“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.”  —Philip K. Dick
Pelosi Gives a Lesson on Who the Democrats Are: Liars Who Collude with the Media
C-Span user Vicrow has posted a video of Nancy Pelosi on C-Span ( teaching how Democrats successfully smear someone with whom they disagree politically or wish to destroy on the national stage: Brett Kavanaugh and Donald Trump, for example, in the recent witch hunts to which they have been subjected by way of orchestrated smear campaigns.  Here is what Ms. Pelosi, the House Minority Leader has said: “You demonize, and then you. . . .  We call it the wrap-up smear.  And you want to talk politics?  We call it the wrap-up smear.  You smear somebody, with falsehoods and all the rest.  And then you merchandise it.  And then you write it, and they’ll say, ‘See it’s reported in the press that this, this, this, and this.’  So, they have that validation that the press reported the smear.  And then it’s called the wrap-up smear.  Now, I’m going to merchandise the press’s report on the smear that we made.  And it’s a tactic, and it’s self-evident. . . .”
The Great Awakening
Pelosi gave her lesson back on June 22nd, 2017, but it remained under the radar, until she was recently outed by Q—in concert with patriots involved in what has come to be known as the Great Awakening.  Q recently double-posted the link to Pelosi’s unique tactical lesson on how to orchestrate a smear that is used by Democrats.
Q’s first of two same-day postings of the Wrap-Up Smear occurred on October 6th, 2018, at 5:52 PM (, and simply said this: “‘Wrap-Up Smear’ deployed v. Justice K? The More You Know… [Archive] Q”
The second posting happened on the same day, at 8:18 PM (, and said this: “[Repost] [Search & Destroy] ‘Wrap-Up Smear’ deployed v. Justice K? ‘Wrap-Up Smear’ deployed v. POTUS? These people are SICK! #WALKAWAY #VOTEREPUBLICAN Q”
The Democrats’ Wrap-Up Smear tactic, proudly taught by Pelosi in only 33 seconds, is something that every American needs to know about, as the time of reckoning approaches for Democrats who have been selling out their country and lying about their political opponents in order to be able to continue their criminal undertakings.
There is a Great Awakening transpiring in America, and it is being facilitated by Q and many other patriots.  As a result, what Q refers to as “the Storm” is approaching, and when “the Storm” hits, traitors to their country, according to Q, will experience their eventual comeuppance—be they Democrat or Republican.  And, if Q is correct about everything, there will indeed be major consequences to for those who are guilty of treason!
A Few Words about Qanon
If you wish to access the Qanon site, where Q posts comments and questions for research by the Anons (anonymous patriots who ofttimes post what they find to Q’s site, in answer to Qs observations and questions), you can go directly to 8chan for the latest postings (, or go to ( or ( for easier access to Q’s posts all the way back to October 28th, 2017, which is Q’s very first posting.  Many wish to avoid entering 8chan’s web site, due to its Wild West atmosphere of total free speech, including anything that is not illegal (which means that your eyes might view images that you end up wishing you had never seen); Q chose to originate posts on 8chan, due the fact that there is little or no danger that Q’s posts will be taken down by Leftist cyber censors and book burners there.
If you choose to follow Q, then, as Q might say, “Welcome to the Storm” and “God bless fellow Patriots.”
Who Is Paul Dowling?
Paul Dowling is an American patriot whose mission is to enlighten his fellow citizens about the correct principles for facilitating a life of freedom and a culture based upon the Golden Rule.  Paul believes that individual freedom and minority rights are more important than majority rule and, therefore, he values the fact that America was not founded as a democracy, but as a republic.  (In fact, the word “democracy” is nowhere found within the text of the US Constitution.)  Paul has written a book on the Constitution, explaining the republican values on which it is based and how they protect against the dangers of a strictly majoritarian system of governance.  The book is called Keeping a Free Republic: Learning the Blueprint for Liberty in the Constitution & the Bill of Rights.  (It is on sale at Amazon, for $6.25 in paperback and $0.99 as a Kindle download:

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