Nancy Pelosi Reminds America that She is Super Rich

Remember when the “Occupy” movement was going strong and ravaging our nation’s cities? They kept talking about how the 1% (or rich) were ruining everything and enslaving the people. These same Occupy protesters found vocal supporters in the Democrat Party, and because of that the Occupy indigents gave their votes to the Democrats in 2012. Sadly for the Occupy dummies, the Democrat Party is the Party of the Rich. (And we have proof.)

See, conservatives are all about “free-market capitalism” while Democrats who do not advocate for socialism do agitate for “crony capitalism” which is exactly what liberals pretend to HATE!

Recently, Nancy Pelosi reminded us of just how rich she is and just how out of touch she is with her own political rhetoric. Watch here…


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“Well you know my father brought the Orioles to Baltimore, … I’m happy to see them doing so well,” Pelosi said, referring to the fact that the team made the playoffs. “Because that’s the only TV I watch is sports. I’m not interested in anybody’s opinion. In fact, I don’t even listen to the commentator’s opinion. I just want to watch the score, and the team and watch sports that way.”

“My next door neighbor owns the Nationals, so there’s a lot of good teams that could win the Pennant and then win the World Series, so stay tuned,” Pelosi added.


Yeah, she gets the middle class. Sure.

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