Nancy Pelosi Knows Better Than to Join “Impeach Trump” Campaign

Despite millions spent by a Democrat donor, Nancy Pelosi knows the message won’t work with voters in 2018.

It seems that Nancy Pelosi knows better than the Bushes about political realities. She also knows that impeachment depends on the law and facts, not political opposition.

What we also learn from this is even a billionaire can’t simply buy what he wants from politicians if voters don’t go along with it. Pelosi wants to do well in 2018. Perhaps she’s realized that leftist donors are one reason Democrats are losing.

The Washington Times reports, “House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi refuses to jump on Tom Steyer’s ‘impeach Trump’ bandwagon.

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San Francisco billionaire Tom Steyer has spent $11 million on ads to drum up support for impeaching President Trump, but House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said she doesn’t want to go there.

“Somebody has some facts that come forth about President Trump, let the chips fall where they may, but it’s not some place that I think we should go,” Ms. Pelosi said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

The California Democrat said she wanted to the party to focus on the issues, including stopping the Republican tax-reform bill, in the 2018 election.


“Again, I don’t want to dampen anybody’s enthusiasm for what they believe because a lot of people in our country think the president should be impeached,” Ms. Pelosi said. “But that’s not what our election is about…”

Read the entire Washington Times story.

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