Nail Salon Technician Shoots Armed Robber in the Buttocks

It’s not bad enough that a person decides to rob a nail salon, but then is stupid enough to get shot in the rear end. However, that is exactly what happened at a Georgia nail salon in December 2016.

Guns in the News reports:

Police say the two suspects entered the Top Nails salon on Thornton Rd in Lithia Springs around 8 p.m. At least one was armed with a handgun, and they attempted to rob the salon. An employee who was also armed quickly reacted by firing at the suspects.

After the exchange of gunfire, both suspects fled the scene. One suspect was caught in the woods behind the business a short time later by a responding Police K-9 unit.

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The gunfire struck a second suspect in the robbery attempt, who was later apprehended by a K-9 officer in a wooded area behind Top Nails salon at 638 Thornton Road. The suspect’s handgun was recovered when he was taken into custody.

The suspect had one gunshot wound and was transported to an Atlanta hospital with what are believed to be non-life threatening injuries. No employees or customers were injured in the attempted robbery.

According to CBS46, the robber was shot in the buttocks.

Police were also looking to identify a second suspect.

Now, for all the gun grabbers out there, this is just another reason why the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringedOur rights come from God and though the US Constitution is a restraint on the central government, the idea of God-given rights also applies to state governments. Therefore, no state, county or city government has any business restricting, restraining or making people get permission to carry their guns concealed or open.

Thanks to the brave and quick response of this nail technician, live were saved. Well done!

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