NAACP Warns about Missouri, not Chicago

Issuing a travel advisory on the whole state, the NAACP warns Black visitors about nothing that affects their safety.

The NAACP warns about fiction and demonstrates that black lives matter not at all to them. While progressive Chicago bleeds red with African American blood (see below) the group is issuing a “travel advisory” for Missouri because it got harder to sue for housing or employment discrimination due to race. Apart from the question of how easy it should be to read someone’s mind to condemn their alleged motives in court, what does this have to do with travel safety?

The other excuse is that African Americans are 75 percent more likely to be stopped by police while driving. But being stopped does not mean you are less safe. That statistic tells us nothing about differences in behavior and compliance with road regulations. We don’t know why cops are doing it, nor if there is any difference among black and white cops. A quota system that forbids a police officer to stop blacks until they had stopped the number of whites to make the ratios equal would not be just.

According to the Associated Press, “NAACP moves forward with Missouri travel advisory.

Missouri NAACP President Rod Chapel said Thursday that national delegates voted the day before to adopt the advisory, which was put in place at a statewide level in June. Chapel said it’s up for ratification by the national board in October.

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Meanwhile, in Chicago, NBC 5 reports,

A 4-year-old boy was among at least 36 people shot in Chicago this weekend as violence across the city left four dead and nearly three dozen others wounded.

The child was wounded in a shooting that also left a woman dead and a teen injured on the city’s West Side Friday, marking the weekend’s first homicide and bringing the city to more than 400 homicides so far this year.

If you go watch the news video, you will see the victimized family is African American. Most of the Chicago homicide victims are black but the NAACP doesn’t feel the need to issue a travel advisory.

Here’s a summary of the Chicago situation from about a week ago:

Read the whole Associated Press story.

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