NAACP Congratulates Trump for ‘Regularizing Racism’ and ‘Mainstreaming Misogyny’

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) issued a statement regarding Donald Trump’s electoral victory. Here’s how the NAACP president and CEO Cornell William Brooks opened his remarks:

“Even as we extend our congratulations to President-Elect Donald J. Trump, the NAACP, as America’s oldest and largest civil rights organization, must bluntly note that the 2016 campaign has regularized racism, standardized anti-Semitism, de-exceptionalized xenophobia and mainstreamed misogyny. Voter suppression, as the courts have declared, has too become rampant and routine.”

You like his use of alliteration?

As much as the national media and political establishment are trying to explain that Trump won because of racism and sexism, his campaign has had nothing to do with any of that. People supported and voted for Trump, because they viewed him as the counter to the establishment elite which has run this country or decades. People are sick and tired of these corrupt, self-serving people pretend to care about everyday Americans.

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His victory has nothing to do with racism. Most people see that. I never thought I’d say this, but I’d encourage you to read this article by Piers Morgan – yes, that Piers Morgan – in which he outlines what Trump’s campaign and subsequent victory means for America. He entitled it, “The more the privileged elite sucked up to Clinton, the more determined it made Mr and Mrs Ordinary American to trigger Millennial Armageddon.” It was as shocking a read – considering the author – as the election returns. You should read it.

In the NAACP’s statement, the CEO and president called on Trump to distance himself from the all the racial divisiveness that has characterized the campaign:

“During this critical period of transition, we are now calling upon the next president to speak and act with the moral clarity necessary to silence the dog-whistle racial politics that have characterized recent months and have left many of our fellow citizens snarling at one another in anger and even whimpering in fear.”

As if racial divisive rhetoric somehow didn’t exist during Obama’s tenure in office? And I’m not talking about the KKK. I’m talking about the media’s and the political establishment’s insistence on politicizing and radicalizing every crime involving a white suspect and non-white victim. While those incidents are and will continue to be serious, what about all the rest of the violence that doesn’t meet those racial criteria? You know, the politically incorrect cases of black-on-black violence and black-on-white violence? Obama seemed to only care about the incidents that were described by the media as white-on-black. No other types of violence existed.

Their ignoring those realities is what helped to foment racial divide. And couple that with the promulgation at our nation’s finest educational institutions of the idea of straight, white, male “privilege.” Yeah, that’s a recipe for racial harmony.

Yes, unfortunately, there is a racial divide in this country. I think it’s at least partially by design. Trump’s victory was America’s answer to the establishment’s “divide-and-conquer” racial politics. Here’s hoping America’s answer was the correct one.

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