‘My Team, My Rules’: Veteran Coach Strips 2 Teens of Jerseys After They Knelt During Anthem

In a blatant act of disrespect, two Texas teens knelt during the national anthem before their football game. After doing so, they were stripped of their jerseys and kicked off the team. Which is the exact consequences their coach, who is also a veteran, told them they would face if anyone knelt during the anthem.

They knew exactly what would happen, and did so anyway. Now the community is split, and half of them are outraged that they were kicked off the team.

Cedrick’s mother said that they should not have been kicked off the team, and ridiculously said that the coach was acting like he was a slave master.

She said, “He has like a slave master mentality,” she continued, “You know, if you were to go back to that, when they wanted to tell us this is what you’re going to do and this is how you do it.” She added, “And if we didn’t comply then we were beaten, whooped, and even possibly killed.”

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Fox News Insider reports:

Their coach, military veteran Ronnie Ray Mitchem, warned the boys of the consequences when they told him their plan to protest.

“There is a proper time to do something in a proper way,” Mitchem told ABC’s KTRK.

“I want this put on here,” Mitchem told the interviewer. “I have nothing against those young men. I love them.”

In the aftermath, Cedric Ingram-Lewis and Larry McCullough from Victory & Praise Christian Academy in Crosby, Texas said they were happy about the publicity their protest got.

Mitchem said, “As a veteran I have a strong view of what I feel is disrespectful.”

This is far from a case of the boys being treated like slaves. They were told what would happen if they knelt during the anthem and they still did so. Now they simply won’t be playing for that team anymore.

You are free to do whatever you choose, but you are not free from the consequences of your choices.

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