Muslims tell Christians – Don’t Pray or Worship… or We’ll Kill You!

The Muslim terrorists at ISIS have developed a set of 11 new rules for Christians living under their tyranny, including one that says they are not allowed to pray out loud or they might be killed.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is reporting that Christians in towns captured by ISIS were recently issued these new commandments and will be forced to obey under threat of the penalty of death. These new rules are in addition to the “jizya” (or tax) already imposed on all non-Muslims living under ISIS rule.

The text of covenant stated, “this is what Abdullah Abo Baker al- Baghdadi Amir al- Mueminin gives to the Christians in Damascus State – al- Qaryatin sector, where he guarantees their money, souls, not to force them to change their religion and not to harm anyone of them.

The text of covenant added some conditions on the Christians in the city of al- Qaryatian that are:

  • Not to establish any church, monastery and hermitage.
  • Not to show a cross or anything from their books in Muslims roads and markets, and not to use amplifiers when they perform their prayers.
  • Not to make Muslims hear the recitation of their books and sound of their bells, and to use the bells only inside the churches.
  • No to do any aggressive acts against “Islamic State” such as hiding spies and the wanted, and if they know that there is conspiracy against Muslims they have to reported that.
  • To commit themselves not to show something of their rituals of worship.
  • To respect Islam and Muslims, so not to vilify anything in their religion.
  • The Christians must comply with paying Jizya (a religiously required per capita taxon non-Muslims under Islamic law) that is 4 golden dinars (the dinar here means the golden dinar that was used in transactions because it has fixed amount that is 4.25 gm of pure gold) paid by the rich, half of them paid by the middle class and half of that on the poor, and they can pay them in two installments a year.
  • They cannot have weapons.
  • Do not trade in the sale of pork or wine with Muslims or in their markets and do not drink wine in public.
  • They have their own cemetery as usual.
  • To commit themselves of regulations imposed by “Islamic State” like modesty in wearing clothes and regulations of buying and selling etc.

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terrorists ISIS Christians 2The statement concluded, “if they comply with these conditions, so they have are safe in their lands, money and souls, and they are not going to pay one-tenth except they bring money to trade from outside the IS territories not oppressor nor oppressed. None of them is going to be punished under a sin committed by another else of them. In case they violate the conditions of this writ, then “Islamic State” is going to deal with them as they deal with people of war (warriors).

These latest threats come after months and months of heavy persecution against the Christian (and other minority) communities in Syria and Iraq. For well over a year and a half now, the butchers of ISIS have been raping, pillaging and murdering throughout the war torn region, paying particularly sadistic attention to the Christian community.

Speaking to the International Business Times, Nahren Anweya, an Assyrian-American activist, said that the extremist group is seeking to suppress any Christian presence in the region. “Our entire ancestral homelands have been completely taken and now they won’t even allow us to sustain our religious faith in one God and his son Jesus Christ, ” Anweya said. “We have been purged out of Mosul, Nineveh, Khabour, Hassaka, Qaryatian and many more ancestral Assyrian homelands. They took our native homelands, our girls, our churches and now they want the few lives we have left.” At least 450,000 of Syria’s pre-2011 Christian population of 1.17 million are either internally displaced or living as refugees abroad, the Catholic Herald reports.

After reading over the list of 11 rules for Christians living under ISIS, taking time to specifically note the promise that Christians will be safe, so long as they obey these rules, you should realize this: all of these rules come straight from Islamic teaching on dealing with Christians. This is how Islam deals with Christianity, and this is why, in the Muslim world, each day there are fewer and fewer Christians living there. The promise of peace, for obedience, is a lie. Even as ISIS promises Christians they will be safe if they obey the rules, Christian money is stolen, property confiscated, children kidnapped, women raped and men murdered.

The philosophy, beliefs and practices of the monsters in ISIS are abominable and have been for over a thousand years. We cannot “coexist” peacefully because the basic tenets of Islam teach that it must dominate… and so long as this is, how can Christians, Buddhists, Atheists, or anyone “coexist” with them in any manner other than as slave to master?

It is impossible.

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