Muslim says “Christian Girls are only meant for one thing – the pleasure of Muslim Men”!


Two strikingly similar stories are being told from opposite corners of the world today about what some Muslims actually believe the rest of us are for.

First, in Pakistan, a sad story about three young Christian girls who were brave enough to stand up for themselves. Three young Christian girls were walking home from work earlier in January when a group of Muslim men confronted them and began catcalling them with lewd and lascivious comments. The men began demanding that the women get in their car to go for a ride, but the three girls demurred saying that they were devout Christians who would not participate in sexual behavior outside of marriage.

Their admission to being Christians and their decision to turn down their advances angered the men greatly. The men began threatening the girls with violence at which point the three girls sprinted to run away, which only sent the men into a rage. It was then that one of the men shouted at the girls:

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“How dare you run away from us! Christian girls are only meant for one thing — the pleasure of Muslim men.”

What happened next is part of a growing pattern of Muslim violence against Christians that is playing out around the world.

toleranceThe inebriated men drove aggressively after the girls and crashed their car into them.  The impact on Shamroza and Sumble threw them to the sides of the vehicles and sharply to the ground.  The result of crashing into the hard street surface caused Shamroza to break several ribs and Sumble broke her hip.  Kiran was even more unfortunate as the impact of the car lifted her off the ground and on to the bonnet of the car, where she thumped the windscreen.  The young men continued to laugh in their drunken stupour and increased their speed, finally braking when they could see another car before them. The momentum of the emergency stop threw Kiran up into the air and rapidly onto the floor where she cracked her head open and smashed numerous bones, the resulting internal bleeding killed her within minutes.   

Sadly, there appears to be little hope for justice as the police seem reticent to help a Christian family secure justice from wealthy Muslim men. The family was forced to pay a bribe just to ensure that the police open an investigation, and though it seems well-known who the assailants were, no arrests have been made.

It’s not just Pakistan that such incredibly immoral behavior is taking place, and worse, being condoned. Germany continues to stumble along under the weight of Muslim migration that is threatening to destroy the German people. Sex crimes and violence against women have risen dramatically in recent days, and a story that bears some resemblance to the one in Pakistan recently unfolded in Dortmund.

The latest reports from Dortmund paint a terrifying picture of a city where it is now unsafe for women to go out at night for fear of being attacked and raped by refugees… 

The police report, published by the Presse Portal website, reveal how at 3.48am a gang of several refugees approached a 25-year-old German woman and hurled “filthy” insults at her as she made her way home from the city’s train station. 

When she ignored them one of the group – a man described as around 30 years old and “remarkably small” – apparently followed her and asked her to have sex with him in exchange for money. 

When the terrified woman refused to have sex with the man, he told her “German women are there for sex” and then grabbed her reaching his hands into her blouse and pants. Fortunately, the woman was quickly able to break away from her attacker and call for police, at which point the man fled the scene.

While the outcomes were different, the scenes were strikingly similar. Groups of Muslim men shouting rude and overtly sexual things at innocent women before physically attacking them. The philosophy and language were the same as well, as these Muslim men from very different parts of the planet both asserted that their victims were there for their pleasure. This isn’t “random,” and as the people of Europe can tell you, this behavior is far from “isolated.” Islam breeds this mentality among its men meaning that they are a danger to any non-Muslim in their vicinity.

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